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I would like to burn outdoors, what do I need to do?

A burn permit is required before you do any outdoor burning. Please call the Central Station at 925-2200 and select option 1 for burn permit information. 




I will be moving into the fire district and would like to know its fire class rating?

Caddo Fire District No. 4 continued to receive Class 3 rates in July of 2015.




Is it true that Caddo Fire District No. 4 is a Safe Haven facility?

Yes, Caddo Fire District No. 4, Central Station at 8240 Colquitt Road, in Keithville, Louisiana is a Safe Haven facility.  This means that a parent who might otherwise be tempted to abandon or discard a newborn child less than 30 days old, can come to this facility and place the infant in the hands of an employee at Caddo Fire District No. 4 Central Station, and voluntarily relinquish his or her parental rights to the child without fear of prosecution.




Is Caddo Fire District No. 4 a volunteer department or a paid department?

Both. Caddo Fire District No. 4 is a combination paid/volunteer fire department..




My doctor said he wanted my blood pressure readings wrote down every day and to see him every month. I can’t afford to drive all the way to Shreveport every day just to have my blood pressure checked at one of those convenient pharmacy stores.  Do you have any suggestions?


Yes, simply stop by the fire department’s Central Station at 8240 Colquitt Road and we will take your blood pressure and keep a running log on it for you to retrieve whenever you need it.  The service is free and our way of saying thanks for your support. 



I live in the District and locked my keys in my car.  I called POP A LOCK and they charged me $180 just to unlock my car.  Now, my neighbor said I should have called the fire department to unlock my car for FREE.  Is that true?


Unfortunately for you, YES it is true. The fire department would have gladly responded to your address and unlocked the door without any cost to you.  Our way of saying “thank you for your support”. 

How is Caddo Fire District No. 4 funded?

The District levies taxes on real and business personal property within its boundaries each year. The voters of the District authorized a ten-year ten mill ad valorem tax for the purpose of maintaining and operating fire protection facilities, purchasing fire trucks and other fire fighting equipment, and paying the cost of obtaining water for fire protection purposes, including charges for fire hydrant rentals and services. The voters approved the issuance of general obligation bonds and the corresponding ad valorem taxes to be levied for debt service was levied at 2 mills. And, the voters also approved the levying of a $150 service charge for each residential and/or commercial structure. The District provides two advanced life support ambulances and one basic life support ambulance that respond to emergencies occurring in the District’s service area. The emergency ambulance transport is at no-out-of-pocket-expense to the residents that live in a household in the District. The District bills the resident’s insurance companies when they have been transported to a hospital; if the resident has no insurance, the bill is written off; if the resident has insurance and the insurance company does not pay the entire bill, the part that is not paid is written off; it is clear to say that the residents that live in Caddo Fire District No. 4 have FREE emergency ambulance service.

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Mission of Caddo Parish Fire District Number Four

Dedicated to providing and improving public service and peace of mind for the citizens in our community.